For rust prevention and removal, water softening, degreasing, and more

  • Softens water and removes, calcium, magnesium, carbon, silica, and proteins

  • Degrades organic matter such as oils, algae, and bacteria

  • Biodegradable and can be discharged with an industrial effluent

  • Improves water and wastewater quality, reducing COS, BOD, and n-hexane

  • Anti-corrosive effect on aluminium, copper, and steel pipes

  • Safe cleaning agent with no hazardous chemicals, no rough, dry hands

  • No adverse effects on rubbers

  • Compatible with PRTRs and the RoHS Directive

Ryoei C Coated Aluminum Before.jpg

Coated Part Before RYOEI C

Ryoei C Coated Aluminum.jpg

Coated Part After RYOEI C

Pistons Before RYOEI C

Pistons After RYOEI C